What Is a Smart Terminal

Our Platform

How it work

Payment Gateway

Online payments system

Similar to PayPal, BabaPay would support online money transfers and serve as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

Merchant Account

Merchant will have access to both debit & credit card payments.

Web-Based POS

With BabaPay, Merchants have access to our PA DSS certified POS cloud software on our PCI certified devices to process the payment.

At no additional cost, our cloud based POS Software enables merchants to track their sales, inventory, profit, employess, transactions and enable gift coupons within the terminal In additional, merchants will be able to maintain multi locations with multi devices under one main super admin.


Want to develop your own app with BabaPay technology? BabaWorld is an App store that runs on Android, which gives developers the ability to download our simple SDK to create apps, utilizing our devices functionalities. It also allows Merchants access to their favorite Android apps.

Smart POS

The SPOS is a Payment Terminal, however, unlike traditional Payment Terminals, the SPOS combines all aspects of a sale; register, payment and accounting, into one Terminal. It comes equipped with a android-based 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen.

Features; GPS, Bluetooth, barcode scanner, built-in speakers, microphone, thermal printer, 6000mAh lithium battery, camera, QR code scanner and wifi-4G capabilities. This device accepts NFC, chip, swipe payment and is EMV & PCI certified.


The MPOS is an affordable mobile device that will turn your desktop and mobile phone into a payment terminal. The MPOS offers the security required by Visa and MasterCard and due to the economical pricing, has the ability for widespread adoption.

Being PCI PTS 4.0, EMV L1 & L2 certified, MPOS keeps the sensitive transaction and personal data safe from the unyielding attempts of scams and frauds. In addition, this device has the ability to accept Android Pay, Apple Pay & Samsung Pay.

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